Discrete choice experiments in health economics

Title: Discrete choice experiments in health economics
Authors: Bryan, Stirlin and Dolan, Paul
PublisherEuropean journal of health economics, 5 (3). pp. 199-202
ISSN: 618-7598
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Abstract: One method that is increasingly being used in health economics to elicit stated preferences concerning health matters is the discrete choice experiment (DCE). This editorial explores four sets of issues facing researchers who wish to employ DCE techniques: (a) normative issues about how data from DCE studies might be used to inform policy, (b) psychological issues concerning the meaningfulness of the data generated, (d) technical issues relating to how the data are generated and (d) issues relating to the generalisability of the data from DCE studies. Given current uncertainties surrounding these issues, it is our view that more caution and greater circumspection towards DCE is appropriate at this stage.