Prof. Paul Dolan on the Digested podcast talking about Happy Ever After

Whether it’s getting married, having kids or a high-paying job, society loves to tell us how to live our lives. Paul Dolan, professor of Behavioural Science at the LSE, explains why these preconceived narratives can be damaging to us as individuals, and how to find your own route to happiness, in his new book, Happy Ever After.

Prof. Paul Dolan on Resolution Foundation: Happy now? Wellbeing lessons for policy makers

At an event at its Westminster offices, the Resolution Foundation presented the key findings of new research into the lessons for economic policy makers from a broader focus on wellbeing.

Prof. Paul Dolan, joined a panel of experts, including former Cabinet Secretary Lord Gus O’Donnell, then debated how policy makers should think about economic wellbeing, before taking part in an audience Q&A.

Visit the event page here.

The Calmer You Podcast: Ep 42. Escaping The Myth Of The Perfect Life With Professor Paul Dolan

The Calmer You Podcast: In ‘Happy Ever After: Escaping the Myth of the Perfect Life’ bestselling happiness expert Professor Paul Dolan draws on a variety of studies covering issues such as wellbeing, inequality and discrimination to bust the common myths about our sources of happiness. He shows that there can be many unexpected paths to lasting fulfilment. Some of these might involve not going into higher education, choosing not to marry, rewarding acts rooted in self-interest and caring a little less about living for ever.
By freeing ourselves from the myth of the perfect life, we might each find a life worth living.