Valuing health states: a comparison of methods

Title: Valuing health states: a comparison of methods
Authors: Dolan, Paul and Gudex, Claire and Kind, Paul and Williams, Alan
Publisher: Journal of health economics, 15 (2). pp. 209-231
ISSN: 0167-6296
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Abstract: In eliciting health state valuations, two widely used methods are the standard gamble (SG) and the time trade-off (TTO). Both methods make assumptions about individual preferences that are too restrictive to allow them to act as perfect proxies for utility. Therefore, a choice between them might instead be made on empirical grounds. This paper reports on a study which compared a “props” (using specially-designed boards) and a “no props” (using self-completion booklets) variant of each method. The results suggested that both no props variants might be susceptible to framing effects and that TTO props outperformed SG props.